We offer Different services to make you realise social business. 

We have three types of services:

1. Consultancy - we are your social business developers

Consultancy to us is not a hit & run service where we deliver an abstract strategy that is disconnected from reality. Consultancy to us is more than being an expert in social business development in Base-of-Pyramid contexts. It is about being determined to design value propositions and business models that work in the field. 

We have experiences in  applying our human-centered design & business development process in  different sectors, varying from water, agri, health, education, dairy, impact investment and more.  

The reason why we are able to work in this large diversity of sectors, is that we create joint teams. Often our client is already a sector-specialist or we attract a sector-specialist to join the team. It allows us to focus on what we are best at: identifying user insights in the field, translating them into unique value propositions, and developing business models that work in the local context.

For each client, we customise a process, creative tools and our team formation  to client's challenge and available resources.  

2014-09-28 12.28.20.jpg
The inspiration and answers are in the field. Not at the office.

2. Entrepreneur's sparring partner

When you like to have a wingman in professionalising and growing your business, then our sparring service might be something for you.

Sometimes it can be very refreshing and revealing to have a sparring partner who is outside your daily operations and who can provide you with tools and advice to create solutions to your challenges. 

Ideally this service kicks off with a  field visit to meet you, your team and your customers in your own business habitat. After that we have weekly (Skype) calls, where you can discuss and reflect your longterm and operational challenges. 


3. Business game - workshop

When you just need some inspiration and creativity to get things going, we can facilitate different kind of workshops;

  1. Articulating your purpose, your dream and making that SMART
    • one of the tools:  our 5P canvas
  2. Ideating new business models
    • one of the tools: business model canvas
  3. Setting up  an action plan for prototyping  your product/service and testing that  with customers.
    • one of the tools: Javeline board
  4. Role play workshop to empathise with your customers and your intended unique value proposition and market strategy.
    • One of the tools:  dress-up box + scenario modelling

We serve four customer segments:

1. Social entrepreneurs

Chantal Heutink, founder of I-Care Pads, tells about her challenge as social entrepreneur in providing re-usable sanitary pads for girls in Kenya. She shared her experience on how ProPortion helped her in creating an inclusive business strategy.


2. Impact investors

Laure Wessemius, Director Cordaid Investments, tells about her challenge in the development of a new fund strategy and pitch book, focussed on creating stability in fragile countries. She shares her experience she had with ProPortion in tackling that challenge.


3. NGOs

Ingrid Hagen, Director Corporate Stragey at Cordaid, tells about her challenge in the transition of Cordaid towards a more social entrepreneurial organisation that is pro-active in developing and communicating value propositions that benefit communities in fragile contexts, while being appealing for funders and investors to finance that.


4. Corporates